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Travel, technology and property development are the areas Contal is currently working within to streamline, simplify and better the lifestyles of our customers.

The Contal team is expanding, establishing offices in all the world's major geographic regions. Contal can offer travel services from the Americas, United Kingdom and Europe, South-East Asia and the Pacific (Australia and New Zealand).

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Where we're coming from

Established in Melbourne Australia, Contal has since the 1960s provided personal, friendly service in the travel industry.

In the 1990s, to wide acclaim from the Australian media, we took a sideways leap into travel technology and pioneered the first website to compare all major domestic Australian airlines on one screen.

Our technology offered customers the first single-screen comparison and booking of airfares, accommodation, rental cars and vacation activities. Contal provided travellers with everything needed to search and book a complete holiday, business trip, or weekend away, in a single one-stop shop.

Devised by Contal with the aim of averting an industry takeover by large companies pushing aside smaller, more personalised, independent travel agencies, our compare-on-one-screen technology also resulted in a more competitive travel industry. The effects continue to reverberate through the Australian travel industry today, generating better deals for travellers.

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Where we are now

The Contal Group is experiencing great momentum, developing projects in the entertainment, property and finance sectors.

This year, Contal will continue to build on its reputation for personalised and world-class service from our new Ann Street property in Brisbane.

Located in the heart of Brisbane in vibrant Fortitude Valley, the building itself will feature Contal's latest building automation technology: software that offers enhanced energy management, maintenance and security, including tasks that can be scheduled to run automatically or in response to sensed human movements or explicit orders.

Building automation will soon be applied to nursing homes and private residences, in connection with Contal's long-standing commitment to the elderly.

For the finance sector and travel industry, Contal has launched its new multi-market, multi-currency payment platform via Speedy Travel. All major currencies are supported and transactions tracked with an integrated accounting system and general ledger. This development is a component of our upcoming software release, Clear Meridian™.

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