Professional Development Opportunities

Contal's staff are experts in their fields. They love what they do, and enjoy staying abreast of what's new and noteworthy in their fields.

Contal recognises, however, that there are some skills that can't be acquired over the internet in the evenings after work. Other skills we value are so unique to what we do that you're unlikely to have encountered them prior to working with us.

To fill these gaps, Contal is committed where necessary to investing resources for independent learning, or sending our people on short courses in areas directly related to their work.

Contal's employees are at the top of the heap, and we want our talented people to have every opportunity to live up to their potential and be proud of the work they do.

Skill-sharing: good for teamwork, good for productivity, good for you.

We believe the best way to understand what everyone else in your team does is to have a go at what they do yourself. Understanding is good for teamwork, and learning about others' areas begets respect for fellow employees' expertise, making for an environment of happy workers and increased productivity — all good for our business!

For employees, this means the opportunity to learn an array of skills that's as diverse as our employee base. If you've got an interest, we'll see what we can do to get you in there.

We value well-roundedness in our employees, and support our workers' interests in developing their skillsets.

To show our commitment to these values, we formally set aside time each month for employee skill-sharing, and tie this to our employee incentive program. Trade skills and knowledge with the people you work alongside — get rewarded on every level.

Do you have an interest in what Contal do and how we do it? We'll see what we can do to get you in.

Apply online.

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