Contal Companies

The Contal Group is a privately owned investment group specialising in technology, travel, entertainment and property.

Our History

While Contal today has locations all over the world, and projects spanning several sectors, for us it all began in the 1960s, with a travel agency in Melbourne, Australia.

Contal Travel, from which our other travel outlets and finally the greater Contal Group would spring, opened with the goal of providing the community with the kind of service only an independent travel company can offer: a combination of diverse, quality products and friendly, personal service.

In response to the threat larger companies and the internet posed to independent travel agents, the 1990s saw Contal take a sideways leap into IT to develop the first website in Australia comparing all major domestic airlines on one screen, along with hotel accommodation, rental vehicles, tours and other travel products.

Our technology also resulted in greater competition in the travel industry, with effects that continue to reverberate through the Australian travel industry today.

You can check out some of the media's response to Contal’s industry-changing technology on our Media page.

Contal Today

Newly energised by our travel technology successes, today’s Contal Group has widened its focus to encompass not just travel but also other sectors where we can apply our knack for streamlining, simplifying and making your lifestyle better — be you at home, on vacation, out on the weekend, or in the office.

Our building automation software has recently been completed, and comprises a system allowing home and business building managers to not only enjoy freedom from tasks that can be scheduled to run automatically or in response to human movements or explicit orders: it also can enhance building security, improve access and operation for the elderly and people with disabilities, help manage energy usage costs, and even manage water use. Read more about it here.

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