Building Automation

When you think about intelligent building automation, you probably think about lights flicking on when you walk in the room. Grabbing your morning coffee, brewed as you started to wake. Commanding your hot tub to start warming up with a message from your mobile on your way home from work, or about scheduled robotic appliances meaning you never having to wash the dishes or vacuum again.

Consider how automation can do so much more, though: to enhance building security, to improve access and operation for the elderly and people with disabilities, to help manage energy usage costs, and even to manage water use on your home or commercial property:

  • Automate appliances with a combination of sensor- and internet-collected data and your own pre-programmed preferences: automatically turn off the lights when sensors report all occupants as off-premises, switch off water features when you're not home to enjoy them, or cancel pool heating if a downloaded weather forecast reports rainy weather
  • Limit energy consumption by running lights at lower brightness levels or auto-adjusting cooling depending on outdoor conditions.
  • Prevent water waste through integration of your watering system with moisture sensors.
  • Remotely control and monitor building status information including visitor access and appliances via a web interface.
  • Real-time front door monitoring even when you're out, with video monitor captures sent to your mobile phone.
  • Increase security with automated lights, blinds, and other realistic simulation of human presence during vacation periods.
  • Improve accessibility and security for the elderly, children, and people with disabilities with motion-triggered switching on and off of lights and locks, automated task scheduling, and pre-programmed configuration changes that can run at the touch of a button

Add in conveniences like keyless fingerprint entry, and timers that can turn off appliances so you'll never again have to worry whether you left the iron on, and we think you'll find our building automation solution to be the ultimate in simplicity, style, and environmentally-responsible, cost-effective living.

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