Business Consulting

Contal International delivers world-class distribution and sales solutions and support to travel agencies across Australia and the globe.

Our aim is to help travel business online with a minimum of fuss, ensuring agencies the maximum benefit from their move into the world of online travel retail. We provide companies with the tools and the expertise to create more revenue, reduce costs, and grow their enterprises.

Our technology supplies all the best product, and at the lowest prices on the market, taking care of transaction processing and letting travel specialists concentrate on doing what they do best: looking after their clients.

Our engineers are experts in their field; our history comprises over 20 years of proud service in the travel and travel technology industries. True to our roots, we're both big enough in experience to offer expert advice and professional service, and small and close-knit enough to provide travel retailers with the individualised attention they need to achieve online success.

In today's climate of online comparison-shopping and spending, the move to an online mode of distribution might just be the most important one a travel retailer can make.