Backed by our world-class Clear Meridian™, Contal is poised to take the travel world by storm.

Remember when you first became able to compare and book flights from all domestic carriers on a single screen? We made that.

Start pull quote Skip pull-quote and continue on main content Why do we fly through Hawaii to get from Australia to the US when we could go via New Zealand, say, or Singapore, and save up to thousands of dollars?

Now imagine the same thing with international fares.

But better.

Why — have you ever asked yourself? — do we fly through Hawaii to get from Australia to the US when we could go via New Zealand, say, or Singapore, and save up to thousands of dollars this way?

Constraints on the way we travel internationally have been heavy until now; we just don't stop to think of them that way, being accustomed to them.

Travel technology solutions these days are a dime a dozen. It takes a potent mix to achieve something truly different.

It takes knowledge about the travel industry — real insider knowledge, for us born of more than 20 years in the travel industry. It takes passion — the desire to push technology to the limits of current thinking, and beyond. It takes vision: to look at what we’ve got, and imagine something better.

That something is Contal’s Clear Meridian™.

To take it to the world, Contal has teamed up with the most trusted names in travel and technology — Amadeus, Oracle, Linksys — to usher in a new era in travel.

Quick, easy access to billions of flights, from anywhere to anywhere, via anywhere. At prices that'll make you question whether you're seeing clearly.

How Contal keeps re-inventing online travel

Clear Meridian™ isn’t the first of Contal’s innovations to take the travel technology world by storm.

Contal was first moved to take a sideways leap into travel technology in the 1990s, when we pioneered the first website to offer customers a single-screen comparison of domestic Australian airfares, accommodation, rental cars and a wide variety of vacation activities.

Devised by Contal with the aim of averting an industry takeover by large companies pushing aside smaller, more personalised, independent travel agencies, Contal’s technology resulted in a more competitive travel industry. The effects continue to reverberate through the Australian travel industry today, generating better deals and experiences for travellers.

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