Open Source Statement

The Contal Group supports Open Source because we believe Open Source practices lead to the best possible products.

All software is written with source code. What differentiates the Open Source model is that code is made available for others to read and improve upon — so long as they, too, make their code available for others to improve upon — so long as they, too, make their code available... and so on, and so on.

The result is an environment in which an incomparable number and range of people are able to contribute ideas and features. The best ones are taken up and re-circulated, again inviting improvement - making releases ever better with each iteration, and, with a global community of developers contributing, making this happen faster.

Or, try it this way: Open Source is to the internet as evolution is to organic life. Just as the process of evolution selects for the fittest organism, with open source software, the best solutions possible naturally rise to the fore.

And that's the kind of thing Contal likes to support.